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Tenta is a construction toy that uses triangular sets of bamboo pieces that fit together to create all sorts of constructions. Connect them, stack them, line them up, or bundle them to make a variety of shapes- linear or 3D objects.
Your child will enjoy playing with the flexible natural bamboo pieces and and will be inspired to use his or her imagination and creativity. Adults also find themselves losing track of time while playing with this toy.
Each set contains 8 building pieces, use additional sets for larger and more complex creations- the possibilities are endless. Create an original piece of art for your home!

How to play with Tenta:
Connect two pieces together at the tops where the lengths are slightly different. Use this method to connect the pieces to build both flat and 3D pieces.You can also line up the pieces up along the floor without connecting them to create a variety of shapes.

Tenta- what does the name mean?
The shape of each piece resembles the face of a fox- and the original idea for the name was “Triangular Fox.” But when I watched children playing with this toy, they said the pieces looked like the face of a praying mantis or the “whiskers” of an insect. So I renamed the pieces Tentacolo which means “tentacles” in Italian. Later the children started calling them Tenta- and I decided on this name that is easy to say.

The pieces are made of Madake bamboo from Oita Prefecture. The bamboo has been cured and dried in the sun to preserve it.

If needed, wash in water and air dry.
If you don’t plan to use Tenta for an extended period of time, store it in a dry place and occasionally take it out to air to prevent the buildup of mildew.

Recommended for children over 5.
Unsuitable for children under 3.
Please provide guidance so children play appropriately to prevent accidents or breakage.

Each side of the triangular pieces is approximately 19 cm long.
The bamboo strips are 5 cm wide and 0.1 cm thick.


Kosei Shirotani, Fumi Hasegawa