The Ishikawa International Urushi Exhibition 2012

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daikykougei_main_0001_レイヤー 11

The Ishikawa International Urushi Exhibition will be held in 2012 and the applications are closing in July this year. “Urushi” is the sap of the “urushi tree” and the generic word to talk about lacquer. “Shikki” stands for lacquer ware.

The previous session took place in 2009. It is truly international as you can see in the application list of 2009, and the winning works at the time. Ishikawa prefecture is centered around Kanazawa city, a powerful promotional center of traditional as well as contemporary craftsmanship. It still has plenty of room to turn more international. The works in display in 2009 were a proof of how urushi expands into the modern, and beyond the “figures imposées” of the tradition. The winner was Takeshi Igawa with the workd “Time Travel” as illustrated above. You can read about Mr. Igawa and watch other stunning works at the KEIKO Gallery in Boston.

Another work by Takeshi Igawa was on display until yesterday at the Cavin-Morris gallery in New York, as part of the FLAWLESS:  Contemporary Japanese Lacquer exhibition. To see other examples of contemporary urushi works, go the gallery web site above, look for current or past show at Cavin-Morris.