Yoichi Hatakenaka, the magician of Washi paper

Posted on by lioneldersot
daikykougei_main_0006_レイヤー 6

I spoke with artist Yoichi Hatakenaka but let me postpone a detailed presentation of his work for a later day. Suffice to know that he is a wizard of washi, Japanese paper.

All his works that cover accessories, jewelleries, wall decorations and wrought iron like construction are all made out of washi. The jewelleries of all kinds of metals are actually washi. You can’t believe it until you pick one up and freeze at the lightness of the object. Wall hanging decorations are the ultimate seismic proof objects. They won’t fall, or if they do, they may not break.

This feather like box is a beauty, believe me. It is made of washi, of course, lacquered, of course. It absolutely requires delicate manipulation. It allows me to show you a glimpse of Box Prototype 2. Readers already know I am into boxes.

This one ushers so far in unthinkable possibilities. You might wonder or already understand what’s in this see-through box. Yes, it has to do with the olfactory world of Japan. More on this at stage 3.