fioretto Slipper Rack

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Detailed Product Description

fioretto Slipper Rack - More than just beautifully finished, this is also an item with real personality.

cosine co., ltd.

About cosine
We're all about making things the way they should be: items crafted from beautiful wood by experts who understand the user's requirements. Offering the clean beauty of maple coated with special oil, our racks, stools and other items lend a touch of genuine originality to any interior. We prize nature's bounty as we devise ways to turn even wood remnants into craft objects.

Asahikawa furniture
Located in the very heart of Hokkaido, Asahikawa has long been known for the high quality of its wood. Soon after people started to settle in earnest in Hokkaido, Japan's northern wild wilderness, a lumber industry sprang up in Asahikawa. That ushered in an age of making practical items for the home. Since around 1990, output has shifted from "box" furniture such as chests of drawers to legged furniture with a strong design appeal. These days Asahikawa is regarded as one of Japan's leading sources of quality furniture that is both practical and great to look at.

fioretto Slipper Rack
Designer: Noriyuki Ebina
More than just beautifully finished, this is also an item with real personality. The wood is chosen carefully for its figure and colour, then joined. Years of craft expertise go into the subtle lines of the frame. The sole of each slipper can be hidden from view, making the rack not just practical but also attractive to look at.

Material: Walnut
Size: W 525 × D 340 × H 360 mm
Weight: 1kg
Finish: Urethane Finish

Lead time: For Japan, it is about 45 days