【THE HOKUSAI PROJECT】 Fuku Kitaru T-shirts

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From Hokusai's birthplace,Sumida: helping today's artisans discover new techniques for Hokusai's expressions.
Hokusai produced works with roots in the Edo period lifestyle:woodblock prints,"sensu" folding fans, "uchiwa" round fans,festival food stalls.
From Hokusai's birthplace,Sumida,together with today's artisans, we transcend time to discover new means of expression based on Hokusai's images. Based in Sumida, KUME Co.,Ltd. is at the forefront of Japan's T-shirt industry.

The Seven Gods of Good Fortune, loved by the people of Edo, are comically illustrated on this t-shirt, "Fortune comes in by a Merry Gate." The god Ebisu's surprise at catching a "fugu" (= a puffer fish, play on a word "fuku" = happiness), instead of his usual red snapper, can be seen even in the tips of his fingers.
The cloisonne mark in the background of the print is taken from a drawing by Hokusai.
This product on its left shows what is said to be close to his final work, a picture of a splendid dragon ascending over Fuji with dark clouds passing across. Near the picture is a stamped "百"[100].
Hokusai lived in recycling-oriented Edo, and his works remind us not to waste valuable resources, and to produce products that last. We use environmentally-friendly power to minimize CO2 emissions, and our t-shirts are sewn and printed with care by Japanese craftsmen and women.

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