Cawaii T-shirts by Eiko Hanamura /ladies'

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T-shirt print: “Konnichiwa” (1970) Maya

T-SHIRTS with prints of "charming" girls drawn by Ms. Eiko Hanamura, the pioneer of Japanese comics for girls.
Ms. Eiko Hanamura made her debut as a comic author in 1958.
Other than appearing serially in girls' magazines, her fashionable and charming illustrations of girls appeared many times as supplements to comic magazines and on learners' notebooks. They were published serially, and became very popular.
Her masterpiece, "A Girl in the Mist" was dramatized in 1975.
In 1960s and 70s, world literature and film masterpieces (Forbidden Games, Kennedy assassination, etc.) were turnd into comics, and they were much talked about.
Adapting to the shifting trend, since around 1980s, she has changed her target readers from children to grown-ups and has been writing serial comics for women's magazines.
In December 2007, she was chosen as an invited author from Japan at the historic "Salon de la Societe Nationale des Beaux-Arts" held at Louvre Museum. She showed about 40 works, and was awarded a special prize.
She was approved as a regular member of Societe Nationale des Beaux-Arts.

▼Eiko Hanamura

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