Hyoutan (Bottle Gourd) Speakers : Stereo

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  • Asia: ¥900
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  • Europe: ¥1,500
  • S. America, Africa: ¥1,700

It looks just like a normal bottle gourd (hyoutan), which was used for carrying water around in ancient times. Well, this hyoutan carries ‘sound’ instead of water. It is a set of iPod speakers. Speakers were inserted into a real natural hyoutan that was grown and harvested with love & care by a professional electrical accessory developer himself. You will enjoy the soothing sound coming from its natural material. It is not made for blasting sound, but it is very portable so you can enjoy your music everywhere with this and an iPod. (You may use this with other brands of players, but it is made to be iPod compatible.) Although it has a solid presence, it is actually very light, easy to carry around.

How to Use &Recommended for Whom?
You could have songs in your iPod all to yourself, but why not let your friends join you? Get rid of your earphones and attach this set of speakers to your iPod, now you can share your music with everyone. Bring your iPod and this set of speakers then you could become the DJ of the party instantly! You don’t need any extra power supply so you can easily bring this to a picnic or a ride, to have music on the go! End Note
To enjoy it with both your eyes and ears, you could place this to the wall or the ceiling. Hyoutan originally was a good luck charm, so with its classy look, this set of speakers can be a great home decoration piece. It is a great choice as a gift since not only you can surprise your loved ones with great sound, but it brings them good luck too!

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